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 Backing Up PS2 DVD Using DVD Decrypter

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PostSubject: Backing Up PS2 DVD Using DVD Decrypter   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:54 pm

DVD Decrypter is a software that allow you to backup your dvds and also can be use for CD of any format Example: Games, Movies even Software to your hardrive. It create an ISO and you can burn it with any software of your choice or use DVD Decrypter to burn.

Click here to download DVD Decrypter

Let begin insert a dvd disc in the tray and open up DVD Decrypter.
On MODE select ISO> READ R
It will load the DVD disc

Once it load on the middle that say Destination. That were it going to create the ISO so let leave it as C:\...etc.
Once you done just Click on the image DVD>Harddrive

Depends on your dvd writer may take time for backing up the ISO to your harddrive.

OK once you see Operation Successfully Completed!
Mean that the ISO has been copy to your harddrive move on to the next step.

Now your ready to backup the ISO you just made????

On the Left hand side you on red sentence Source.. Please select a fileā€¦.. Click on the folder Browse for a file.

Ok now let look for the ISO you just made remember where you put it???
It should be on the local harddrive C:/
Select the DVDImage.MDS don't not select the DVDImage.ISO!!!! because it will get mad but it will allow it to load the ISO.

Once you select the ISO you want. Your ready to burn it.
If I were you I would set the speed in low by doing that on the right hand side bottom you see Settings Write Speed I would recommend 2.4 to 4x speed for best results.
Insert a blank dvd and should load. You're ready Click the Image harddrive>DVD.
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Backing Up PS2 DVD Using DVD Decrypter
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