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 Acekard 2i Guide

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PostSubject: Acekard 2i Guide   Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:21 pm

How to use the Acekard 2i on your DS

Support DSi, DSL, iDSL, DS and iDS

Do not update your DSi to 1.4

Let get stated

of couse you have the acekard 2i card is the same size as an original card. Don't worry you don't have to flash your machine or use passme in order to use it

If your acekard 2i didn't came with a MicroSD and usb adapter you going to need those.

MicroSD Memory card can be any brand but I would go with Kingston or Sandisk

Put the MicroSD into your computer using a adapter

Once load go to my computer
Look for your removable disk
Right click it and pick Format
On File System: FAT32
Once down Start

Now let get the firmware. Akaio 1.5 is the best one so far

Unzip the files
Within the folder you have Make a folder and call it Roms
Place all your Roms there they have to be NDS format
Once Done Drag __aio, akmenu4.dns, LoaderChangelog, readme_AKAIO, And Roms to your removable drive.
Once complete remove it and place MicroSD into the acekard 2i card.

Put in the card into the DS
Power up the DS
You should see AK icon Click it and will Load
On the bottom screen you should see MicroSD Card and Slot2 Card
Pick MicroSD Card
Within the MicroSD Card you should see the folder you made Roms Click it
There should be all your .nds roms in it just click it and it will load.
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Acekard 2i Guide
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